animesh kumar

Running water never grows stale. Keep flowing!

A while ago,
I did not exist. And now,
I over-do the existence.

Hi, my name is Animesh Kumar and I am a technologist. I graduated with a Bachelor of Technology degree in Electronics Engineering from Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad in June 2004.

I work with Strumsoft, a medium scale, innovative, product engineering/outsourcing company, headquartered in India, as the Chief Technology Officer - enterprise. I deliver solutions for web and mobile platforms.

My primary area of focus is high performance distributed storage/computing (notoriously known as NoSql products like MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis etc.), scalable server solutions like Netty, Node, Tornado, Cyclone etc., alternative mechanisms (like Phonegap) to develop high end mobile applications, and product usability.

Prior to this, I worked as Technical Architect at Impetus - a product engineering organization, and Webdunia - a multilingual product development company, and built awesome products: world's first Hindi portal, first Hindi TTS, award winning embeddable lingual Input-Output control, Mywebdunia, Jivisha, Kundera, Mojolt, FlockThere to name but a few.

I believe good software is a piece of art. It doesn't intrude; it assists. It empowers. Helps us do more, better. It is beautiful and makes us feel confident about human intellect, and the endless possibilities. And my life will be spent using the smartness of engineering to affect and empower lives.

I'm a diehard Linux guy, and I use Ubuntu-10.0.4 for almost all kinds of work I do. Sometimes I play with my transcendental MacBook. It is just so damn beautiful… I don't own iPhone - just so that you know - I am swept off by this gorgeous Android.

In my spare time, I usually watch movies, surf Internet or read books. I have special love for works by Coetzee, Kundera, Rushdie, Pamuk and Enright. Sometimes, when I am really bored or superbly inspired, I write poetry, haiku and short fictions.

I'm a big fan of this crazy theoretician, freaky thinker, insanely gorgeous poetess, and the most admired product manager.

I live in Indore, with my wife Prachi.

Written by Animesh